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Romanesque Crucifix (Codex of Roda)


The downloadable document Romanesque Crucifix (Codex de Roda) a nice drawing of a crucifixion taken from the pages of ancient Codex de Roda. This drawing and editable EPS format is made with great finish details, Full CMYK color planes, with great economy of points and ready for any printing or cutting device.

Product Description

The Roda Codex, or Codex Rotense Meya is a Latin manuscript of the late tenth century (about 990) including Stories against Paul Orosius pagan and important texts concerning the history of the kingdoms of Asturias, Pamplona and County Aragon, among which calls Genealogies of Roda. It is known by this name because it was in the Cathedral of Roda de Isábena (Ribagorza, Aragon) where the codex was preserved from the twelfth century until 1699.

The main interest, so that their content is concerned, is to provide historical information on the VIII to X on the Navarro-Aragonese dynasties (Iniga and Jimena) Kings of Pamplona and Count of Aragón from Arista to Inigo Sancho Abarca . Great interest also are the texts that foreshadow the historiography of Andalusian origin, namely the historian and geographer Al-Udri, who lived in the Taifa of Zaragoza and wrote a historical work on it.


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