Calligraphy Arabic (Quranic Suras)


The Arabic Calligraphy Vector drawing contains two ancient and beautiful Quran Suras of circular design. This illustration is, like all our artwork, vector files in EPS and editable from all programs that support bezier curves.
By resolution, finish and beauty, this drawing have multiple applications, as well as page background or as central motifs. It is also suitable for large format play as decorative pieces to hang on the walls. Or, to be used as cutting silhouettes to decorate vertical surfaces. They also serve well for animations in Flash and as a basis for 3D models.


It is usually considered as the main Islamic arts. The development of Arabic calligraphic art, like writing itself, is intimately linked to the spread of Islam from the seventh century. Until then, Arab culture was transmitted mainly orally, and although the Arabs had its own alphabet, writing not using annotations rather than mnemonic character.
The development of calligraphy as an art is linked to the fact that Islam forbids the worship of figurative representations and calligraphy is offered in holy places a substitute for figural decoration. Instead of representing God or the prophet, or otherwise related to religion figurative Islamic art replaces them calligraphic representation of their names, or phrases from the Koran, particularly the basmala.


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