Chinese horoscope


The Chinese Horoscope editable vector drawing contains an illustration in EPS format with the different symbols of animals that make up the traditional Chinese zodiac. These designs made ​​with the technique of paper cutting, a craft popular in China. They are made with great finish in the details, CMYK spot colors, with great economy of points and ready for any printing or cutting device.


Chinese Astrology is based on the Chinese calendar and regulated by the moon phases, chinese new year is celebrated between January 21 and February 19 (date variable).
The Chinese calendar was introduced by Emperor Huang Ti in the year 60 of his reign, is governed by lunar cycles and consists of periods of 360 years which are divided into cycles of 60 years. These 60 years are in turn divided into periods of five trained for 12 years each. The 12-year cycles corresponds to the time it takes the planet Jupiter to travel the Zodiac (the twelve animals or branches).


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