Chinese symbols. Fu Lu Shou


The editable vector drawing Chinese symbols. Fu Lu Shou contains two sheets of geometric illustrations in EPS format with different symbols ideograms of Chinese traditional culture, including popular Fu Lu Shou. These symbols are widely used in traditional Chinese decor. Drawn by our illustrators, are made with great finish in the details, CMYK spot colors, with great economy of points and ready for any printing or cutting device.


Fushoulu or Fu Lu Shou are three gods and stars benefactors of Chinese religion. Their names are Shou Xing, Fu Xing, Lu Xing and they are the gods of longevity, success and happiness, respectively, Taoist concept dating back to the Ming Dynasty. They are usually depicted together, it was considered that this appeared as three stars in Orion’s Belt.
In some ways it is the equivalent of the Three Wise Men of Western culture.


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