Kuna tissue maze. Panama


The Vector drawing «Maze Kuna tissue» contains a design characteristic of this textile known Kuna people of Panama. It is suitable for use as a stencil. Easy to customize and very effective for your work and decorations. They are, as all our documents, vector files in EPS and editable from all programs that support bezier curves. These documents behave also excellent for cutting tools and are finely finished to reproduce in large format.


La Mola is a traditional textile art form made ​​by the Kuna of Panama and Colombia. Molas are panels sewn textiles with complex designs and multiple layers using a reverse appliqué technique. In the Kuna language, mola means «clothing» or «blouse».
The mola originated with the tradition of Kuna women painting their bodies with geometrical designs, using available natural colors. After Spanish colonization and contact subsequente missionaries the Kuna started to transfer their traditional geometric designs on fabric, first painting them directly, then using the reverse applique technique. Not known with certainty when this technique was used for the first time. They assume that the oldest molas are between 150-170 years old.


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