Vector Map of Antarctica


The editable map of Antarctica is a simple yet powerful vector drawing that provides total personalicación both the color and the text. All place names are editable and are written in Spanish. The information is divided into layers for easy editing, and all colors are washable and are stored in library. The information included is bordering countries, capital and major cities and administrative divisions, major rivers and mountain ranges and other geographical features worthy of review as lakes, gulfs, bays, etc. ..
The SITOgraphics vector maps are particularly suitable as base documents to generate attractive graphics with cartographic representations.


The Antarctic Continent environment extends to the South Pole and is circumscribed by the Antarctic Circle at 66 ° 33 ‘ S , except the Antarctic Peninsula, heading towards the north , facing South .

The Atlantic , Pacific and Indian oceans bathe the continent , determining a marina wide band around it completely . The distances that separate it from other continents are South America, 1,000 km; Africa , 3,600 km , Tasmania , 2,250 miles , to New Zealand, 2,200 km. . . . Such separation from the rest of the continent , through the stormy seas of the globe, is an insurmountable barrier and explains the total lack of an upper fauna. Existing only coastal wildlife or aquatic adaptation and volatile power source is in the sea.

A layer of ice covers Antarctica , hiding its perimeter , its relief and its true dimensions , so it is not known exactly your area, but it ‘s estimated at about 14,000,000 km. squares. If considered in a broader sense with the islands and the surrounding sea ice , would increase that figure considerably . This set is called the Antarctic .


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