Mercator Projection World Map


The Mercator Projection World Map is a powerful vector drawing that allows complete personalicación in color and in texts. All place names are editable and are in Spanish. The information is classified into layers for easy editing, and all colors are CMYK and are stored in library.
A large format editable enabling large prints.

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Mapamundi Mercator (detalle)

The Mercator projection mathematics meets the requirements of the cylindrical projection. The most remarkable feature of this projection is that both the meridians and parallels are straight lines and intersect perpendicularly. The meridians are straight lines parallel to each other vertically arranged at the same distance from each other. The parallels are straight lines parallel to each other arranged horizontally but increasing the scale as we move away from Ecuador.
The Mercator map is compliant, the shape of the country is real but exaggerated increases its surface at high latitudes.
The success of the Mercator projection is that any straight line that marks the actual heading trace, which can be navigated with the compass following the angle is marked on the map.


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