Origami. windmill paper and little bird


The Vector drawing «Origami. windmill paper and little bird» contains six modular and decorative compositions with these fun and universal symbols. You can print them separately and create highly decorative boxes for your room. This illustration is, like all our documents, vector files in EPS and editable from all programs that support bezier curves.
By resolution, finish and beauty, this drawing have multiple applications, as well as page background or as central motifs. It is also suitable for large format play as decorative pieces to hang on the walls. Or, to be used as cutting silhouettes to decorate vertical surfaces. They also serve well for animations in Flash and as a basis for 3D models.


Origami is the art of Japanese origin consisting of folding paper without using scissors or glue to get figures of various shapes, many of which could be considered as paper sculptures. According to the Spanish Royal Academy this art is called «Papiroflexia» or cocotology, however these terms are not widespread outside Spain, other Spanish-speaking countries of still using the Japanese term.


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