Puppets Javanese «Wayang Kulit»


The downloadable vector drawing «Puppets Javanese «Wayang Kulit»» contains three traditional designs Indonesian puppets. They worked spot and with great economy of points. The colors are recorded in the document library, making it easy to change to achieve the look and tone that we want for our composition. They are, as all our artwork, vector files in EPS and editable from all programs that support bezier curves.
By resolution, finish and beauty, these films have multiple applications, as well as page backgrounds or as central motifs. They are also suitable for large format play as decorative pieces to hang on the walls.


Wayang is a generic term denoting traditional theater Indonesian but is also known as shadow puppets. Literally meaning «shadow», and between different types of wayang, the wayang kulit («skin») is the best known and appreciated. In Java, the figures are highly stylized and not intended to represent factions naturally human characteristics but express subjective emotions containing items designed to transmit visual media personality.
The performances of wayang kulit are traditionally accompanied by a gamelan in Java, and for a similar ensemble theatrical style in Bali.

The puppets have movable arms, and are constructed in leather. The interpreter, who is called dalang handle handles , give them voice and lead the band.
The representation is made operating the puppets between a light source and a curtain or backdrop on which they cast shadows, which is ultimately what the audience can see.


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