Shodo. Japanese Calligraphy


The Vector drawing Japanese Calligraphy. Shodo. Contains three elegant calligraphic panels. Are redrawn from an old book of Japanese haykus dated in 1883, which the author dies could be Shinzaburo Kurokawa. This illustration is a vector file in EPS and editable from all programs that support bezier curves.
By resolution, finish and beauty, this drawing have multiple applications, as well as page background or as central motifs. It is also suitable for large format play as decorative pieces to hang on the walls. Or, to be used as cutting silhouettes to decorate vertical surfaces. They also serve well for animations in Flash and as a basis for 3D models.


The Japanese calligraphy (Shodo), is considered an art and a discipline very difficult to perfect and is taught as a subject to Japanese children during their primary education.
Calligraphy comes from China, and practiced the ancient custom, with a brush, an ink where ink is prepared, paperweights and a sheet of rice paper.
Practice Shodo Japanese character writing hiragana and katakana, and kanji characters derived from Chinese writing. Currently there are masters in this art calligraphers who are hired for the drafting of important documents.
It requires great precision and grace by the calligrapher, each kanji character should be written according to a specific stroke order, which increases the required discipline to those who practice this art.


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