Toucan bird


The editable vector drawing «Toucan» is a color illustration of this issue of tropical bird.
It worked with great economy of points. The colors are recorded in the document library, making it easy to change to achieve the look and tone that we want for our composition. They are, as all our documents, EPS vector drawings, editable from all programs that support bezier curves.
By resolution, finish and beauty, these films have multiple applications, as well as page backgrounds or as central motifs. They are also suitable for large format play as decorative pieces to hang on the walls.


The ranfastidos (Ramphastidae), commonly known as toucans, diotedé, or diostedé, are a family of birds piciformes that are characterized by a peak very developed and rich colors. They measure between 18 and 63 cm, with Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) the largest. They live in forests from Mexico to northern Argentina. The name of this group comes from the Tupi tucana birds, through French.
Peak used as a weapon and take the fruits are in the tips of the very thin branches. It was recently found that a peak is used to regulate body temperature by regulating blood flow to the vessels of the peak number. Additionally comprises a substance called keratin, which forms a structure similar to a sponge. These characteristics make it surprisingly resilient to shocks, but also very light.


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