Types of crosses


The folder «Types of crosses» contains 112 drawings downloadable and editable vector EPS format with different designs of the symbol of the cross, both in design and in meaning. Drawn by our illustrators, are made with great finish in the details, CMYK spot colors, with great economy of points and ready for any printing or cutting device.

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Nobody knows for sure the origin of the cross, however it seems that its oldest form is on the cross or swastika moving found among other places in India. It means good luck. The cross is considered a universal sign. The Egyptians called ankh and was considered a magic key that opened the border to immortality. Crosses can be found in cultures as diverse as the Phoenician, Persian, Etruscan, Greek, Scandinavian, Celtic, African, Australian, Chinese, Tibetan, Iroquois, the knife, the Aztec , Maya, Inca and Aymara. While the cross is a seemingly simple graph actually is loaded with extremely intense complexity. Find every way you have is like entering a dark cavern full of roads that intersect. Their meanings fluctuate in three levels: mystical, philosophical and sociological. Pythagoras said that God spoke that language issues and the Greek philosopher named him math or science sacred principles. At the cross symbol associated with the number four represents the order of the world, the four bases that make up the balance of creation.

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